Poultry Facts

Poultry Production in Texas and United States

Broilers Produced

Turkeys Produced

U.S. Annual Consumption of Poultry Products

Chicken: 85.9 lbs. per person

Turkey: 16.7 lbs. per person

Chicken Nutrition Facts

Chicken is a significant source of daily requirements of protein, niacin, B-6, B-12, vitamin D, iron and zinc. It’s lower in fat and calories than most protein sources. White meat is lower in fat and calories than dark meat, but dark meat supplies more iron – a crucial nutrient, especially for women.

Chicken Facts

Chicken – From Farm Gate…to Your Plate

Turkey Nutrition Facts

Turkey has lower calories and more protein than beef or pork. It provides the opportunity for quick meal preparation, and blends well with other meat for a delicious taste.

Turkey Facts

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Sources: Texas Farm Bureau via txfb.org

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