Beef Facts

Worldwide there are more than 250 breeds of cattle. Over 60 of these breeds are present in the United States. However, a relatively small number of breeds (less than 20) are utilized for commercial beef production.

Beef Cattle Breeds

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Beef Beefmaster EMS Smooth Cavalier



    EMS Smooth Cavalier


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Beef MC Something Special 129W14 Web  


    MC Something Special 



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Beef Longhorn JRSeman L Cattle Company


 Texas Longhorn:


    J.R. Seman 


Beef Cattle Terms

Bovine – A ruminant mammal belonging to the genus Bos which includes cattle.

Bull – A male capable of reproduction.

Cow – Mature female that has produced a calf.

Calf – Young male or female less than one year of age.

Steer – Male that has been castrated before maturity, especially raised for beef.

Heifer – Young female over one year old that has not had a calf.

Did You Know…

The hide from one beef animal can be made into:

Beefmaster bull image courtesy of Emmons Ranch (2009 National Bull Championships Grand Champion Bull)

Brangus bull image courtesy of Mound Creek Ranch 

Texas Longhorn bull image courtesy of Bar L Cattle Co

Sources: Texas Farm Bureau via and


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